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Event Photography
There is something incredibly magical about seeing two people in love, surrounded by family and friends, and having the privilege of capturing those precious moments forever. We also understand the importance of capturing the beautiful and meaningful moments of your child's baptism day.
My mission as an event photographer is to freeze these precious moments in time so you can relive them for years to come. Through my lens, I capture the tears of joy, the sincere laughter and the authentic emotions that make each day of the event a unique experience.
I pay attention to details, looks and emotions that often go unnoticed, so that the photo album tells a complete and authentic story.
Choosing the right wedding or christening photographer is a crucial decision, because weddings and christenings are a serious thing and you don't get a second chance, that's why I want you to be confident in your choice.
If you would like to chat about wedding photography or just say hello, please get in touch.

 Wedding Photography
When it comes to weddings, photography is one of the most important investments you will make when planning your wedding because weddings are very important moments in our lives and you don't have a second chance.
I believe it is the responsibility of the wedding photographer to capture the essence of the couple as well as the individual moments of the wedding. For my married couples, the story of their legacy comes to life both visually through your online gallery and in print.

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Christening Photography
 Every family cherishes the beautiful moments that mark the beginning of their child's spiritual journey.
As your child takes their first steps into the world of spirituality, it is essential to capture these precious moments that they will cherish for a lifetime. My mission as an experienced photographer is to ensure that every smile, every blessing and every sincere gesture is captured in its true essence. I believe that every baptism is a unique story waiting to be told through the lens of our cameras.
Let us be a part of your special day, capturing the love, faith and happiness that surrounds your child's spiritual journey.

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European Parliament photo reportage
The European Parliament stands as a beacon of democracy, representing the diverse voices and cultures of the European Union's member states. Photo reportage preserves these moments for future generations, serving as a historical record of the EU's journey.
European Parliament meeting photo reportage is more than just a collection of images; it's a visual narrative that communicates the essence of European democracy. Through the lens of photographers, the inner workings of this influential institution are brought to life, promoting transparency and understanding among European citizens.

European Parliament photo reportage

Corporate meeting photography
Corporate meeting photography plays a multifaceted role in modern business. It preserves the past, informs the present, and shapes the future. Whether it's a product launch, annual shareholders' meeting, or a team-building retreat, photography captures the essence of these events.Corporate meeting photography not only preserves the memories of key events but also conveys the essence of an organization's culture, values, and achievements. 

Corporate meeting photography

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